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ctclosefile - Close Files on KEEPOPEN List

It is easy to create memory files or set persisted files in a ctKEEPOPEN state. However, those files need to be closed at times. The ctclosefile utility provides this functionality and can be used in a scripted environment. ctclosefile will close a specified FairCom DB memory file or any file held open with a ctKEEPOPEN directive.

ctclosefile [-u user] [-p password] [-s server][-f filename] [-c command] [-w file password ] {-a authfile}


-u - User ID

-p - User Password

-s - Server (default: FAIRCOMS@localhost)

-f - File name

-c - Command

-w - File password

-a - Authentication file name

The ctclosefile utility also supports adding and removing ctKEEPOPEN list entries. To use this feature, specify -c <command> where <command> is either add (to add the specified file name to the keepopen list) or remove (to remove the specified file name from the keepopen list).


Add mark.dat to keepopen file list:

C:\> ctclosefile -u admin -p ADMIN -f mark.dat -c add

Successfully added file name ""mark.dat"" to keepopen list