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ctunf2 - UNIFRMAT file reformatting utility


ctunf2 <file name> <new alignment>


ctunf2 converts UNIFRMAT files to HIGH_LOW while the files reside on a HIGH_LOW machine. This may be useful when converting to FairCom Server technology. The arguments for ctunf2 are the same as for ctunf1, except that no file flavor is specified since ctunf2 only works when compiled HIGH_LOW with UNIFRMAT, and only produces HIGH_LOW files.

In V11 and later, the handling of several items has been improved:

  • Properly convert the security resource.
  • Reverse the length counts for CT_2STRING, CT_4STRING, CT_2UNICODE data types.
  • Check for writing past end of record buffer.
  • Convert some c-treeDB resources.