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ctvlqa - Variable-length quality assurance utility

Operational Model:

  • Client




ctvlqa is designed as a torture and performance test for variable-length records. The program generates random data to build generic records based on the file structure layout from ctixmg. ctvlqa prompts the user for the file name, beginning record size, ending record size, record increment size, and quantity of records to add.

The program does the following:

  1. Creates the data file with the desired file name.
  2. Adds the first record of the beginning record size.
  3. Reads back the record to ensure it was properly inserted into the database.
  4. Adds the desired quantity of records, checking each insertion by re-reading.
  5. Increments the beginning record size by record increment size and inserts the desired quantity of records for this record size.

Steps 2 - 5 repeat until the ending record size is encountered or an error occurs.

An output log can be created by changing OUTLOG in ctvlqa.c from 0 to 1.