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ctcv43 - Convert V4.3 Data File to FairCom DB Format

ctcv43 <V4.3 data file name> <FairCom DB file name>

This utility converts a data file from c-tree V4.1F-V4.3C to FairCom DB format. It supports the conversion of files with up to 4 GB in size. Both fixed and variable-length files are supported.

If the new data file does not exist, it will be created. ctcv43 is designed to run in single user mode.

After converting the data files, you may use the function, RebuildIFile(), to construct the associated index files. If you have stand-alone indexes to convert, use ctin43 to first create a flat key file, and then use ctindx to build the new index file.

Note: ctin43, provided with FairCom DB, must be linked with your c-tree V4.3 application library.