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ctpartadmin - Partitioned File Administration Utility

A new generalized partitioned file administration utility has been created for easily managing partitioned files.

ctpartadmin [-u user] [-p password] [-s server] [-f filename] [-w file password] [-c command] [-n partition number] [-d partition name] [-k partition key] {-a authfile}


  • -u: User ID
  • -p: User Password
  • -s: Server (default: FAIRCOMS@localhost)
  • -f: File name
  • -w: File password
  • -a: Authentication file name
  • -c: Partition Admin commands:

    add - Add new partition

    purge - Delete existing partition

    archive - Archive existing partition

    activate - Activate archived partition

    base - Set partition number low limit

    status - Return partition status

    rebuild - Rebuild partition

    lowbound - Get active low partition number

    highbound - Get active high partition number

The following options are mutually exclusive, and only one is required (not required for lowbound or highbound options). If more than one is entered, the last option entered prevails.

  • -n: Partition number (rawno)
  • -d: Partition file name
  • -k: Partition file key

ctpartadmin return code is used for the status command.

lowbound and highbound output a single value for capture. This value is a LONG.