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ctpathmigr - Change Internal Path Separators

The ctpathmigr utility is used to change embedded path separators for FairCom DB SQL databases when migrating between Unix and Windows platforms. This functionality was previously available in the ctpath utility. This utility changes database and IFIL resource path separators from the native format of the system where the utility is run (i.e., \ for Windows; / for Unix) to the non-native format. It should be run before moving the files.

Operational Model:

  • Client


ctpathmigr [-s <server>] [-u <user>] [-p <password>] [-d <database>]


  • ctpathmigr with command line arguments returns 0 when the execution detected no errors, or a value different than 0 when errors were detected and the error messages are written to the screen.
  • If you omit the -d database switch, all databases in the session will be scanned.
  • Command line options should start with a '-' or '/' character. Use a lowercase character for the option (e.g., -s not -S).
  • Command line switches may have optional spaces between the switch and the argument. Example: -s FAIRCOMS or -sFAIRCOMS are the same.
  • Command line options may be entered in any order.