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COBOL Edition User's Guide




Installing and configuring c-treeRTG COBOL Edition


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The c-treeRTG® product line leverages the technology of the c-treeACE® Advanced Core Engine. Before explaining the details of installation and configuration, this guide will describe the features common to the c-treeRTG products.

Because the c-treeRTG products are designed as direct replacements for the native file systems, they require little or no modifications to your application.

Overview of c-treeRTG File System

Note: c-treeRTG V2 is based on the latest version of the powerful c-treeACE Server. The version numbers returned from utilities may reflect the underlying core version number of this server, which is currently V11.x.

How c-treeRTG Empowers Your Applications

The c-treeRTG products allow you to enhance your existing COBOL applications with little or no development. The c-treeRTG file system allows direct access to your files. By replacing the native COBOL file system with a specialized version of the c-treeACE Advanced Core Engine, c-treeRTG brings many of the benefits of c-treeACE to your COBOL applications:

  • Transaction Processing
  • Client/Server Architecture, Sophisticated Caching & Index Compression
  • Multi-User Performance
  • Cross Platform/Multi-Platform Portability
  • Dynamic Backups
  • Granular Cache Support
  • Memory Files
  • Minimal Resource Requirements
  • Developer to Developer Support
  • SQL Access to Your Data

To take advantage of the complete set of features available to c-treeACE developers, you may need to use the c-treeACE Professional SDK in addition to your COBOL application development. This allows you to use industry-standard APIs such as .NET, Java or C/C++. Contact FairCom to explore using c-treeACE Professional.

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