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FairCom Database Rollback and Roll Forward Guide

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FairCom Database Rollback Guide

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FairCom Database Rollback and Roll Forward Guide


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Rollback and Roll Forward with the FairCom high-performance database technology.


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System rollback restores the system to its status as of a specified point in time. For example, if company payroll processing was started at 1:00 PM and something went awry later in the afternoon, a system rollback can reset the system to the way it was at 1:00 PM, so processing could start again. If other applications using transaction processing files were running while the payroll processing was under way, these other files would also be rolled back to their 1:00 PM state. The Administrator should be aware of all files and related data that will be affected before starting a rollback to avoid interfering with multiple, unrelated systems sharing a FairCom DB Server.

A rollback, like recovery, involves a backup/restore script with different options to control how the rollback is to be done.

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