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The FairCom Server includes a set of graphical tools you can conveniently run from your web browser:

  • SQL Explorer – Create SQL tables. Insert, update, and delete records. Query data via interactive and scripted SQL.
  • MQTT Explorer – Manage and monitor c-tree's built-in MQTT Broker and Persistence API.
  • Monitor – Drill into key performance indicators to troubleshoot c-tree, such as error codes, configuration settings, log events, transaction metrics, open files, connected users, memory usage, current locks, IO, etc.
  • ISAM Explorer – Manage legacy c-tree data and index files created with the ISAM API. ISAM is lower level and potentially incompatible with SQL. Use SQL Explorer and the NAV API for new projects.

To connect to these tools, open a browser session and insert one of the following addresses:

http://localhost:8080/ or https://localhost:8443

Tip: When connecting to a remote c-tree server, replace “localhost” with the IP address or domain name where the c-tree server process is running.

For more information, see Web Browser Based Tools.