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FairCom APIs for Node.js - Developers Guide

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FairCom APIs for Node.js




Using Node.js to connect your application to the FairCom Database Engine


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CTREEACE-5999 The FairCom Database Engine offers extensive support for Node.js, allowing c-tree to be integrated into JavaScript applications and other Node.js-compatible environments, such as Node-RED.

Node.js® (see trademark information below) is a platform for building fast, scalable network applications. Built on a JavaScript engine, Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, which makes it lightweight and efficient.

Node.js open source libraries are available from the JavaScript package manager, npm.

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Node.js is a trademark of Joyent, Inc. and is used with its permission. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with Joyent.


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Node.js and FairCom DB


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Node.js and FairCom DB

Node.js is an asynchronous, event-driven runtime environment for JavaScript applications. Node.js is intended for building scalable network applications.

FairCom has provided Node.js modules that allow FairCom DB to be used in this environment. These modules enable JavaScript developers to communicate with FairCom DB and issue data definition, manipulation, and query statements.

FairCom has developed both navigational and relational (SQL) modules for Node.js, allowing Node.js applications to use c-tree through the highly-efficient navigational interface or the more traditional relational interface. Two folders are provided in the sdk section of your product:

  • ctree.nodejs - The navigational Node.js module
  • sql.nodejs - The relational Node.js module