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Automatic Data Aggregation

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Automatic Data Aggregation




Automatic Data Aggregation: Automatic Timestamps, Data Aggregation, and Purging


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 The FairCom Database Engine supports multiple data automation features to quickly and efficiently process data streams. These features can be used independently or combined for optimizing data capture.

  • Automatically stamp data records with the current date and time as they are captured.
  • Automatically aggregate selected columns for advanced data analytics.
  • Automatically purge data as it ages to minimize storage retention on devices with limited storage capacity.

These features are ideal for quickly capturing streams of data, automatically timestamping the data, automatically aggregating the data, and automatically retaining desired data and purging old data.

You have extensive declarative control over each of these features, which makes it easy to enable or disable timestamping, or control the time period before purging data, or controlling aggregation time windows for average, min, max, etc. The next sections describe these features and explain how to use them.