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FairCom Server Cache Subsystem

The FairCom Server internal data and index file caching schemes provide a balanced approach to minimizing disk activity while ensuring data integrity in environments with high transaction volume. Data integrity, transaction control, and concurrency issues are but a few of the many internal complexities involved in the cache subsystem. To properly put the benefits of the caching subsystem into perspective, one must understand all the options, facts and trade-offs involved in supporting an advanced cache in environments with high transaction volumes.

This section clarifies questions raised about the FairCom Server cache subsystem and describes features affecting cache management:

  • Changing the number of operations performed in one pass of the cache
  • Adjusting the amount of a large record to keep cached.
  • Disabling cache for a file.
  • Dedicating cache to a file and limiting dedicated cache.
  • Loading files to cache at open.
  • Avoiding file flush at server shutdown.

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Allocating Memory for Data/Index Caches

Cached Data - Writing to Disk

Advanced Cache Settings

Other Notes

SystemConfiguration Cache/Buffer Statistics