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c-treeDB API for C# - Developers Guide




Developing applications using the c-treeDB .NET Database API


© Copyright 2024, FairCom Corporation. All rights reserved. For full information, see the FairCom Copyright Notice.


FairCom is pleased to present the c-treeDB API component for the Microsoft® .NET Framework ("c-treeDB .NET").

Microsoft .NET is software for connecting people, information, systems, and devices. c-treeDB .NET gives application developers a simple interface into the powerful core of c-treeDB, yet includes the advanced functionality that distinguishes c-treeDB from other database solutions. c-treeDB .NET offers a method of database creation and maintenance that is easier to use than the c-tree ISAM and low-level APIs, which require C programming language and unmanaged code. c-treeDB .NET utilizes the simplified concepts of sessions, databases, and tables in addition to the standard concepts of records, fields, indexes, and segments. This database API allows for effortless and productive management of database systems.

c-treeDB .NET is a component that integrates with VB .NET, C#, J#, Delphi .NET and others. This component exposes the methods and properties of the c-treeDB .NET Class Level API and Function Level API. Please refer to the following chapters for a comprehensive listing of all the methods and properties that encompasses this API.


This section is designed to offer just a taste of the Function Level API. If you have never developed with this API, it will be beneficial to take a moment to learn some of the basics. This will be especially useful when we begin building our first c-treeDB .NET application.

Below we will list the API function calls necessary to connect to a database, open a table, and add a record. This exercise is meant to expose the more commonly used APIs and follow the sequence of calls to be performed for most database tasks.

The nomenclature for the Function Level API is to prefix "ctdb." to all function names. For example, AllocSession() is ctdbAllocSession() in c-treeDB and ctdb.AllocSession() in .NET.

In the .NET IDE, once the ‘.’ (period) after "ctdb" is typed, then IntelliSense® will take over and present a drop-down of properties and methods.

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Function Level API (c-treeDB C API)

Class Level API (c-treeDB C++ API)

c-tree and .NET