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Batched Operations

To improve performance in situations in which a group of related records are to be operated on, c-tree offers the DoBatch() function. Currently this function provides the following capabilities:

  • Retrieve: All records with key matching the partial key request are loaded into a buffer region. If there are more records than fit in the buffer, those that fit are loaded, and subsequent calls to DoBatch() can retrieve the rest.
  • Delete: All records with a key matching the partial key request are deleted.
  • Insert: (DoBatchXtd) All records with a key matching the partial key request are inserted into a c-tree data file.

DoBatch is an ISAM-level Set function. Specify an index file to search, and a partial key value for the search. DoBatch() attempts the specified operation on all records with keys matching the partial key value.

DoBatchXtd is an enhanced version of the batch function offering additional options such as batch record inserts, updates, index range retrievals, and batch reads in physical order.

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