c-treeRTG V2 Release Notes

c-treeRTG Release Notes
c-treeRTG V2 Critical Fixes
<batchaddition> issues on files OPEN WITH ROLLBACK
Crash due to NULL pointer
Crash when number of threads was greater than MAX_THREADS
Invalid configuration caused crash
URL file was created on ctree.conf default instance server instead of URL Server
Wrong ctree.conf <file> ordering
SQL table open error 4120 (or -21120)
Notable Compatibility Changes
Correct error is now returned for orphan files
ctutil returns syntax error if configuration file does not exist
Delete existing non-ctree files upon file creation and deletion
Internal error 8983
Improved updates during scans on duplicate index now only updates record once
sqlize operation failed to find XDD file if <sqlize xdd> value was a directory
Unexpected 4113 error (CTDBRET_CALLBACK_5)
Unexpected 9D, 160 error during READ NEXT/PREV and REWRITE/DELETE operations
Internal Changes
CLOSE operation failed after OPEN with BULK-ADDITION
"CTDB-Invalid date month" error: Conversions from/to BinaryUnSigned and NativeUnSigned
Memory leak opening files
Error 9D:160 during READ NEXT/PREV
Error 39 logged when opening existing files using latest version
Error 96, "Undefined record position," if <filepool> was enabled
Error 4125 during sqlize
Unexpected debug log messages "closing file in thread:0 but opened in thread:12345678"
Unicode SQL Server error messages for callbacks errors
File name missing from log message
Rewrite unexpectedly failed with duplicate error
Unexpected active transaction
Index with Add Unique Keys First feature may have a record offset of 1 after automatic recovery
Avoid collisions between make and copy with files open by the filepool
File pool issue caused File Open to fail
File pool without size generated a pool with 65418 entries
Filepool issues with mapping
Error looping through records to update/delete them when <filepool> was active
PUTFIL() sometimes failed with error DOTX_ERR (955)
c-treeRTG error descriptions updated
c-treeRTG Fixes
ExtFH driver forced the numeric convention to 'M'
Error 39 when ExtFH interface failed to open a file
ExtFH sets file status to 9/69 when attempting to open non-indexed files
ExtFH used original file name when calling redirinstance function
ExtFH redirinstance problem for non-indexed files
ExtFH interface placed a lock on "previous with no lock" calls on files opened with automatic locking
Support for authorization files (cmdset) in c-treeRTG
Rollback failed if <trxholdslocks> was enabled
<smartcopy> tag caused wrong behavior
File matching rule sequence
<file dir> rule did not work if wildcard was used
COBOL error 9D,160 returned when <prefetch> was enabled
<locktype> 0 - Correct behavior
Interface Support
I$IO info-function did not return correct number of records
INSERT and UPDATE operations did not set record position
GET POSITION after record not found returned invalid position
Error 401 (and others): OPEN OUTPUT failed on some corrupted files
Error 42 (undefined record position): READ NEXT/PREV failed after READ returns locked record
Updates to php_ctsql.dll for PHP
Virtual fields set to empty strings
SQL insert/updates on signed COMP-2 fields wrote wrong data
Improved c-treeRTG SQL "long" field mapping and handling
CTREEACU.C compiler error with Visual Studio C++ 6.0
isCOBOL C$LOCKPID returned locked file error when opening without ADMIN permissions
Invalid key returned upon "get equal key" operation on a non-duplicate key index
Problem connecting RM/COBOL and Btrieve to c-treeACE Server if <log><debug><config> option was enabled
c-treeRTG Command-Line Utilities
Configuration Tool now recognizes "priority" and "casesensitivity" attributes
RTG Migrate Tool fixes
RTG Migrate fixes
Error 9/069: mfconvert sample program now checks source file organization
Multi-line comments at beginning of XDD or ctree.conf file
xddgen error generating XDD
"YYY undefined" error: xddgen failed to generate XDD when using RECORD VARYING DEPENDING ON
xddgen fixes on redefined keys
xddgen key definition warning on wrong schemas
xddgen premature exit
"Configuration syntax error": ctutil called with -c option failed
''File locked by another user": ctutil -rebuild did not show error messages on error
ctutil -run on Unix failed with error "invalid option" if command list file had EOL in DOS format
ctutil -run returned 1 when all commands were successful
ctutil -sqlcheck usage display was incorrect
ctutil -sqlize might crash on tables created with old RTG versions
ctutil -sqlize no longer fails with error 597 when not using "admin" login
ctutil -sqlize ERROR 19:4113:0 SQL table linkage failed
ctutil -sqlcheck did not permit -conv and -show at the same time
ctutil -sqlize without ADMIN password
ctSQLImportTable truncated password to 9 chars - possible 451 error (LPWD_ERR)
ctSQLImportTable errors unlinking MRT host table
ctutil -sqlize - Error 4022 on a multi-record table
ctaddrtgi utility properly handles on file with transaction support
RENAME operation requested from ACUCOBOL did not replace existing files
Error 652: ctutil file copy failed
Error 669 returned by ctutil -tron on old V6 files
Error 12 creating a file when iscobol.file.index.data_suffix= is set to a space
Introducing Version 2 of c-treeRTG BTRV Edition
Opening files with extended key modes caused issue
BTRV crash on 64-bit platforms
BTRV error 3 returned
BTRV returned unexpected errors with <localinstance> or <redirinstance>
BTRV INSERT and UPDATE operations did not update record position
BTRV interface returned wrong error on locked record
BTRV next operation failed with error 8 instead of 9
BTRV returned empty key when the key buffer overlaps the data buffer
BTRV returned truncated keys
Possible memory overrun reading variable-length records
ctmigra performance improved migrating BTRV files
Improved error mapping in BTRV interface
Return appropriate BTRV error in case of dead lock
Return error when unsupported key flag is passed from BTRV
Error 22: ctmigra importing variable-length BTRV files
Error 26 (FACS_ERR) mapped to BTRV error B_FILE_NOT_OPEN
Hang occurred when <localinstance> was enabled on Solaris
c-treeRTG BTRV Edition incorrectly identified index with DUP key as REPEAT_DUPS_KEY
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