c-treeACE V10.0 Update Guide

V10.0 Highlights
File Management
Data Compression
Partitioned Files - Major Performance Improvements
Multiple Record Formats
Data Filter Stacks
New Result Sets
Transaction Processing
Database Backups
Segmented Files
Core Enhancements
Quiesce Server Activity
Shared Memory for UNIX
Broadened Auto-Numbering Support
More Features
Platform Support
Interface Technology
New Java Development
Updated & Improved Tools
c-treeRTG COBOL Edition
IMPORTANT: New Licensing & Activation
V10 Licensing Mechanism
Limit Concurrent Logons by User Name/Group
File Management Milestones
Data Compression
Partitioned Files
Partitioned Files Available via ctreeACE SQL
c-treeACE SQL Partitioned File Query Optimizations
ALTER TABLE Add and Drop Columns Supported for Partitioned Files
Partitioning by Windows Date Values
Partition by Timestamp Rule Modified to Support GMT/UTC Time
New GETFIL() Modes to Retrieve First and Last Active Partition Members
c-treeDB .NET Interface Support for Partition File Management
Additional c-treeDB .NET CTTable.PartAdminByKey() Method
New c-treeDB Methods to Retrieve Partitions
Improved Rebuilding of Partitioned Files
Partitioned File Range Optimizations
Updated Partition Admin Modes Reuse and Base
PTADMIN() Partition Administration Purge
Multiple Record Formats - c-treeDB Virtual Tables
Introduction to Virtual Tables
Virtual Tables
Multiple Record Table
Virtual Table Callbacks
API for Virtual Tables
Data Filters
Data Filter Stacks - Support Multiple Data Record Filters per File
Conditional Expression Support Enhanced
Reference Any Section of the Record
Create a Filter on a Table without the DODA (or SCHEMA)
Runtime Support Improved to Support IN and BETWEEN Operators
Filter Callback Support Enhanced
Data Record Filter Callback DLL Enhancements
File Open Performance
KEEPOPEN - Enhanced File Open Performance
Extended KEEPOPEN File Mode for Fast File Access
Transaction Processing
Independent Parallel Transactions
Auto Recovery
Recovery in Alternate Locations with REDIRECT
Improved Automatic Recovery Performance
Additional Recovery Logging
Persistent Lock Behavior inside Transactions
Configurable Transaction Number Overflow Warning Limit
Other Transaction Issues
Persistence of Replication Agent State
REDIRECT Option for Replication Agent to Alternate Destinations
Record Lock Error Retry and Diagnostics
Renamed Replication Agent Configuration Options
Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Integration
Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) Writer
Improvements in Backup/Restore
Reduce Performance Impact of Dynamic Dump
Mask Routine Dynamic Dump Messages in CTSTATUS.FCS
Enhanced Logging of Dynamic Dump Status Messages
Index Subsystem
Distinct Key Counts for Duplicate Index
Conditional Indexes
Reference Any Section of the Record
Runtime Support Improved to Support IN and BETWEEN Operators
Handling of SDAT_ERR (445) When Rebuilding Files
Memory Files
Segmented Files
Super Files
General File I/O Improvements
Core Engine Tune-Up
Inter-Process Communications - Shared Memory for Unix
Shared Memory Client-Server Communication for Unix/Linux
Auto-Numbering Support
IDENTITY Column Auto-Incrementing Support
IDENTITY Support Added to c-treeDB
IDENTITY Columns Imported with the c-treeACE SQL Import Utility
Sequence Numbers
File Resource Fork - Direct Access Resource (DAR)
Thread Impersonate - Connection Impersonating Another Connection
Other Tune-Ups
Enhanced c-treeACE Monitoring of Full Disk Conditions
c-treeACE on Windows now Prevents External Processes from Accessing Open Files
Exported C++ Methods in the Server .DLL Model
Process Stack Dumps Enabled for All Unix Servers
Security Lockdown
Key Store Support for Advanced Encryption
Tightened Access Security Controls
Restricted Security Administrator Access
User and Group Logon Limits
Server Utilities Updated for Use with Advanced Encryption
Other Lockdowns
Interface Developments
c-treeDB Java - Direct Record Access API for Java
ADO.NET Entity Framework
c-treeACE API Functions to Transfer Files
Configurable Retry Logic for ISAM VLEN_ERR (148) Errors
VLEN_ERR Diagnostic Logging
c-treeDB C and C++
Add Tables with Same Filenames to a c-treeDB Database
New c-treeDB Ability to Clone a c-treeACE Table
c-treeDB .NET
Borland VCL/DBX
c-treeACE VCL Method to Compare Records
c-treeACE SQL Advances
Conditional ISQL Expressions
Set the Connection Node Name in c-treeACE SQL
Duplicate Index Names Now Allowed in c-treeACE SQL Databases
Impact on Index Names for Constraints
c-treeACE SQL Option for Certain Slow Parameterized Queries
c-treeACE SQL Open Table Configuration
Support for Imported Hidden Fields with c-treeACE SQL
Faster c-treeACE SQL Database Conversions
GUI Tools
GUI Refresher Course
Recent Changes to the GUI Utilities
New Java-based GUI Utilities Now Available
c-treeACE SQL Explorer Modify Table
c-treeACE ISAM Explorer Conditional Indices
c-treeACE ISAM Explorer GetCndxIndex Argument
Command-Line Utilities
Command-Line Utilities Refresher Course
Recent Changes to the Command-Line Utilities
ctadmn c-treeACE Server Administration Utility
ctcmdset Create Encrypted Password File
ctcmpcif IFIL-based Compact Utility
ctcv67 Extended File Conversion Utility
ctencrypt Utility to Change Master Password
ctfchk Checksum Utility
ctidmp Examine Dump Files Utility
ctinfo Incremental ISAM Utility
ctitop Utility Creates OTP and Parameter File
ctixmg Updated to Support ctCAMO Encryption
ctmtap Multi-threaded API Sample
ctotoi Utility Adds IFIL and DODA Resources
ctpathmigr Utility to Change Database Path Separators
ctquiet Quiesce c-treeACE Utility
ctrbldif IFIL-based Rebuild Utility
ctredirect Utility to Change IFIL Filename Information
ctscmp Superfile Compact Utility
ctsqlimp Utility
ctstat Statistics Utility
ctstress Perform Record Operations on Files
cttctx Performance Test Utility
cttrap Communications Trap Playback Utility
cttrnmod Change Transaction Mode Utility
ctunf1 File Format Conversion Utility
ctupdpad Pad Resource Utility
fkverify SQL Foreign Key Constraints Utility
Utilities Updated for Use with Advanced Encryption
New Performance Tuning Options
COMMIT_DELAY Value Modified for Windows Systems
Reduce Performance Impact of Dynamic Dump
Transaction Log Index ON by Default
RECOVER_MEMLOG for Faster Automatic Recovery with Advanced Encryption
Increased Scalability of Memory Suballocator Lists
Configurable Memory File Hash Bins
Improved Performance Using Unbuffered I/O on Windows Systems
Enable Unbuffered I/O for Transaction Logs
c-treeACE SQL Statement Cache Tuning Options
Support Critical Section Spin Count on Windows
Reader/Writer Lock Support for Enhanced Performance
Foundations of V10 Performance Gains
Transaction Log Improvements
Improved Efficiency for Log Templates
Defer Transaction Logging of File Opens
Overlapping Checkpoints
Reduced File and User State Variable Contention
Preimage Savepoint Performance
Preimage Search Optimizations
Internal Mutex Improvements
Shared Memory Logon Contention
Removed Redundant Mutex Usages
Improve Concurrency of Queue Read and Write Functions
Removed Header Contention for Memory Files
Windows Critical Section Spin Count
Mutex Calls Converted to Windows Slim Write Locks at Compile Time
Eliminate Compulsory Atomic Operations for File Block Counters
Enhanced Management of Abort Node List Management
Abort Node Processing Efficiencies During Node Splits
Lock Behavior Improvements
Commit Read Lock Optimizations
Skip Lock Table Entries on Header Lock Calls
Skip All Locks on Exclusive Opened File
Key-Level Lock Processing Optimization
Faster Partial Record Reads
Row-Level Security Filters
Internal Hash Bin Advancements
Dynamic Hash Logic
Configurable Memory File Hash Bins
Improve Memory File Hash Function for 64-Bit Addresses
Memory Related Improvements
Memory Suballocator Enhancements
Improve Memory Suballocator Performance
Preimage Space Entry Suballocator Lists
Faster Memory Buffer Copies on Unix
API Processing Improvements
Improved Overall Range Performance
Improved Open-Ended Key Estimation Performance
Improved Performance of Descending Range Searches
Persisted Current Index Buffer Node for NXTKEY and PRVKEY Operations
Set Node Name Optimization
Key-Level Lock logic
Improve Performance of Range Retrieval
I/O Performance Improvements
Permit Physical ISAM Files to Remain Open
Support Unbuffered I/O on Windows Systems
Enable Unbuffered I/O for Transaction Logs
Efficient Key Count Updates for Transaction Controlled Files
Skip Unnecessary Read of VARLEN Record Headers
Extended Header Write Optimization
Reader/Writer Lock Support for Windows and for Memory Files
Reader/Writer Lock Support for Unix Systems
File Name Hash List
Profiling Results/Processing Improvements
COMMIT_DELAY Value Modified for Windows Systems
Faster Internal User File Control Block Reallocation
Reduce 64-Bit Arithmetic Calls When a Non-Huge File Is Processed
Dynamic Dump Thread in Potential Livelock
Adaptive Defer Loops for Better Index Buffer Performance
Improved File Number Search Efficiency
Improved Index Node Access Performance
Function Reference
Data Compression API
User Defined Compression Dynamic Shared Library
Virtual Table API
Sequence Number API
Sequence Attribute Structure
Partitioned File Management API
Data Stacks Filter API
Thread Impersonate API
Low-Level Functions
c-treeACE Functions to Transfer Files
Critical Production Updates
Corrective Checkpoint Logic for Buffer/Cache Pages Missing from Update Lists
Ensure Proper Mutex Control When Adding Buffers to Commit List
Prevent Overlapping Checkpoints
Corrected Dynamic Dump File Extensions for Non-TRANPROC Files
Correct Initialization of c-treeACE SQL Pointers
Corrected c-treeACE SQL References in an ORDER BY Clause
Corrected c-treeACE SQL Conditional Expression Buffer Length Exception
Notable Compatibility Changes
V10 Client/Server Compatiblity
V9.1 Client/Server Compatibility
Latest Java Version Requirement
SERVER_DIRECTORY Configuration Option Deprecated
Switch to Sbyte for TINYINT Signed Values in ADO.NET Data Provider
Mapping of c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET Data Provider Time Fields
Conditional Index Expression Changes
Revised Integer Comparisons in Expression Parser
Corrected CVAL_ERR on Partial Record Reads
NULL Handling in Filter Expressions
TCtDataSet Fields Property Type Has Changed in c-treeACE VCL
Rollback and Commit Support in c-treeACE ADO.NET Data Provider
FairCom Typographical Conventions
Copyright Notice