c-treeACE V10.0 Update Guide

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Configurable Retry Logic for ISAM VLEN_ERR (148) Errors

Under normal operation, a VLEN_ERR error (148, WRTVREC() cannot fit record at record byte offset) is unexpected. However, this error was encountered when updating a variable-length data record. In addition to diagnostic logging when this error occurs, c-treeACE supports a configuration option to automatically retry an ISAM record add or update that fails with error VLEN_ERR. The configuration keyword:


is used to set the number of times to retry an ISAM add or update operation that fails with error VLEN_ERR. If the number of configured retires is exhausted, VLEN_ERR is then returned to the calling application. A retry value of 10 to 20 is a recommended starting value, much as the case with ITIM_ERR (160) situations.