FairCom Connector for ThingWorx AlwaysOn

FairCom Connector for ThingWorx - Quick Start Guide
ThingWorx AlwaysOn Connector
Three ThingWorx Update Modes
More details about the ThingWorx Update Modes
Tutorial for the ThingWorx AlwaysOn Connector
Entity Setup
FairCom Edge Setup
FairCom Edge Configuration File
FairCom Edge ThingWorx Connector Configuration File
Loading the FairCom Edge Thing into ThingWorx
Loading the FairCom Edge Schema
Mapping Properties
A Guide to the Windows
Tables in the FairCom Database - Edit
Attributes of the Selected Table
Tables in the FairCom Database - Fields
Fields in the Selected Table
Editing the Selected Field
Creating the Properties in ThingWorx - "BindFairCom"
Type Mapping
ThingWorx Store and Forward
Support for Multiple ThingWorx "things"
Automatic Reconnection to ThingWorx
FairCom License Agreement for FairCom Edge
Copyright Notice