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FairCom SQL for PHP PDO

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FairCom SQL for PHP PDO - Quick Start Guide

PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) is a widely-used scripting language that is especially suited for web development. FairCom’s FairCom DB PHP PDO module allows you to access the powerful FairCom DB SQL database from your PHP version 7 (and later) projects.

PHP 5 - If you are using PHP version 5, please use the FairCom native PHP extension - see c-treeACE PHP ( for documentation.

ODBC - Note that PHP applications can also access the FairCom database via the FairCom ODBC driver, but this method is deprecated, and should not be used. Please see the “php-odbc-api” document for details.

In this Book

This book contains the PHP developer tutorials for the PHP PDO API. In these simple steps and about 15 minutes, you’ll be navigating your data.

  1. Install and start up the FairCom Database Engine. See Installing FairCom Products.
  2. Set up FairCom PHP PDO on Windows or Linux as explained in Using PHP 7 with the PDO Extension.
  3. Run the tutorials or read the Tutorials section to see tutorial code with brief explanations.

Tip: To view, edit, and run the source code for the tutorials, you can go directly into the <faircom>\


c-tree Database API for Other Languages

In addition to this API, FairCom provides navigational ("NAV") APIs for high performance. FairCom allows you to use NAV APIs with the language of your choice: