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c-treeDB API for Node.js

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c-treeDB API for Node.js - Quick Start Guide

This book contains information for Node.js developers using the c-tree Database API. In four simple steps and about 15 minutes, you’ll be navigating your data:

  1. Install and start up the FairCom Database Engine. See Installing FairCom Products.
  2. Optionally read the overview Introduction to c-treeDB for Node.js.
  3. Install and Run the FairCom Navigational Node.js Tutorials.
  4. Review the Navigational Node.js Methods.

Tip: To view, edit, and run the source code for the tutorials, you can go directly into the <faircom>\drivers\nodejs.nav\tutorials folder that is installed with the product. Each tutorial has been thoroughly tested on each operating system, interpreter, and compiler to ensure you have an excellent experience.

Although this Node.js module has no specific Python requirement, the Node.js native build system, node-gyp, may need to be properly configured, as explained in


c-tree Database API for Other Languages

FairCom allows you to use NAV APIs with the language of your choice: