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FairCom Connector for ThingWorx - Quick Start Guide

The ThingWorx AlwaysOn Starting Kit for FairCom Edge connects ThingWorx to the FairCom Edge database and hub. The FairCom Edge Connector for ThingWorx uses the ThingWorx AlwaysOn protocol to automatically deliver data from FairCom Edge to ThingWorx. It allows you to gather data into FairCom Edge servers running on the edge next to devices, equipment, and users.

FairCom Edge makes it easy to get data from devices into ThingWorx. It gathers data from edge devices using a variety of protocols, including MQTT, OPC UA, PLCs, REST, etc. It stores this data in its internal, high-speed database, and automatically forwards the data to ThingWorx. It supports all types of data including images, large binary objects, JSON, numbers, strings, etc.

FairCom Edge automatically maps and transforms data so that ThingWorx can consume it. It easily converts complex JSON data into tabular data for easy integration into any that ThingWorx process.

FairCom Edge can store data at high velocity and forward it to ThingWorx at a steady rate.

FairCom Edge provides plug-ins that integrate with many types of devices and equipment. If you need capabilities that are not currently implemented, you can build additional connectors or use FairCom professional services to build them.

Lastly, FairCom Edge connectors can use machine learning, custom logic, and custom code to provide real time feedback to devices on the edge — while simultaneously delivering data to ThingWorx.

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FairCom APIs for Other Languages

In addition to this API, FairCom provides navigational ("NAV") APIs for high performance. FairCom allows you to use NAV APIs with the language of your choice: