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FairCom Hibernate SQL for Java

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FairCom Hibernate SQL for Java - Quick Start Guide

This book contains the Java developer tutorials for the FairCom SQL Hibernate Dialect. (Please note that for the purposes of this tutorial we will be using the word driver and dialect interchangeably.)

In these simple steps and about 15 minutes, you’ll be navigating your data.

  1. Install and start up the FairCom Database Engine. See Installing FairCom Products.
  2. Optionally read the overview Introduction to the FairCom SQL Hibernate Dialect.
  3. Install and Run the FairCom driver as explained in Installing and Running the Tutorials.


c-tree Database API for Other Languages

In addition to its SQL APIs, FairCom provides navigational ("NAV") APIs for high performance. FairCom allows you to use NAV APIs with the language of your choice:

Note: FairCom supports all actively-supported LTS versions of the Oracle JDK, and the most recent release (non-beta) version of Oracle OpenJDK.