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FairCom Low-Level API for C

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FairCom Low-Level C API

This book contains the C tutorial for FairCom Low-Level API. In four simple steps and about 15 minutes, you’ll be navigating your data:

  1. Install and start up the FairCom Database Engine. See Installing FairCom Products.
  2. Optionally read the overview Introduction to the FairCom Low-Level API.
  3. Compile the tutorial as explained in Compiling Your Projects.
  4. Run the tutorial or read the Tutorial section to see tutorial code with brief explanations.

Tip: To view, edit, and run the source code for the tutorials, you can go directly into the <faircom>\drivers\c.lowlevel\tutorials folder that is installed with the product. Each tutorial has been thoroughly tested on each operating system, interpreter, and compiler to ensure you have an excellent experience.



c-tree Database API for Other Languages

FairCom allows you to use NAV APIs with the language of your choice: