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BTRV Edition User's Guide




Installing and configuring c-treeRTG BTRV Edition


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 The c-treeRTG® product line leverages the technology of the FairCom DB® Advanced Core Engine. Before explaining the details of installation and configuration, this guide will describe the features common to the c-treeRTG products.

How c-treeRTG Empowers Your Applications

The c-treeRTG products allow you to enhance your existing applications with little or no development. At the heart of the c-treeRTG products is a special version of the FairCom DB data management system. The c-treeRTG server can be upgraded to the FairCom DB server, which allows full access to the many platforms, APIs, and features supported by FairCom DB.

The c-treeRTG file system allows direct access to your files. By replacing the native file system with a specialized version of the FairCom DB Advanced Core Engine, c-treeRTG brings many of the benefits of FairCom DB to your applications.

To take advantage of the complete set of features available to FairCom DB developers, you may need to use the FairCom DB Professional SDK in addition to your compiler. This allows you to use industry-standard APIs such as .NET, Java or C/C++. Contact FairCom to explore using FairCom DB Professional.

Because the c-treeRTG products are designed as direct replacements for the native file systems, they require little or no modifications to your application.

Note: c-treeRTG V3 is based on the latest version of the powerful FairCom Server. The version numbers returned from utilities may reflect the underlying core version number of this server, which is currently V12.

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Documentation Overview

This manual contains the following chapters to help you get up and running with your c-treeRTG product:

Additional useful information can be found in these chapters:

Throughout this book you will see references to COBOL. Given the popularity of Btrieve in the COBOL community, we have left these references where we thought they might be beneficial for users who are familiar with both platforms.