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FairCom Connector for ThingWorx AlwaysOn

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Support for Multiple ThingWorx "things"

The ThingWorx connector can map a FairCom Edge table columninstance to multiple "things" on the ThingWorx platform. This provides more flexibility in how FairCom Edge data is viewed and grouped in ThingWorx. FairCom Edge V3 allowed you to map a given EDGE table column to at most one Thing in ThingWorx. That limit of "one" has been removed in FairCom Edge V4, which allows you to have multiple Things mapped to the same EDGE table column.

This gives you the flexibility to create multiple digital twins that represent differently whatever physical objects are producing sensor data. Typically you will have several different types of edge devices, whose data is being concentrated in edge gateways. However, these devices are not necessarily going to be uniquely represented in a single, logical digital twin, but rather in several ones. The mapping between the digital representation of your physical world can be more complex than simple, single objects.

To do this, simply list each ThingWorx "thing" you wish to map to in the thingworxThings array in the config/ctthingworx.json file. For example, the following will allow FairCom Edge data to be mapped into two things (called "myThing1" and "myThing2") in ThingWorx:

"thingworxThings": [


"thingName": "myThing1",

"thingCreator": "FairComThing"



"thingName": "myThing2",

"thingCreator": "FairComThing"



For additional details about the config/ctthingworx.json file see FairCom Edge Configuration File above.