V11.5 Update Guide

Introduction to c-treeACE V11.5
c-treeACE V11.5 at a Glance
Performance Gains
Instant Improvements
Operating System cache flush suppressed for non-TRANLOG files
Background file flush threads optimized
Improved Auto Restore Point performance with checkpoints
Performance Improvement - Transaction commit of many files
Update list synchronization object management improvement
Reduced overhead in password file decryption
Rebuild performance increased
Rebuild optimized when an index already exists
Speed improvement in forward roll
c-treeACE SQL Instant Performance Enhancements
SQL performance enhancement on Insert
Performance improvement in parameterized query
c-treeDB Instant Performance Enhancements
c-treeDB performance enhanced
Performance enhancement using ctdbFindRecord on variable-length records
Performance improvements in ctdbOpenTable
Performance-Boosting Features
*_FLUSH_SEC background flush rate reduces contention
DELSTK_COMMIT_SEC improves performance of TRNLOG operations
Index rebuild options enhance performance
RECOVER_MEMLOG improves ctrdmp recovery performance
c-treeACE Hot Alter Table
Support for dynamically altering a table's schema on-the-fly
Adding Hot Alter Table support to existing files
Rebuilding data files with Hot Alter Table support
Hot Alter Table supports changing lengths of string fields
Support for older versions
Replication of Hot Alter Table
Full-Text Search
c-treeACE Replication Solutions
Replication User-Defined Extensions
Replication ReSync
Synchronizing Out-of-Date Target Files
Add a new file to a running replication environment
More Advances in the FairCom Replication Solutions
TLS Support for Replication
Replication of Hot Alter Table operations
Replication Agent Monitor default server name changed
Improved Replication Agent logging on Unix systems
Performance enhancement of Replication Agent log read
Passing Replication Agent Command-Line Options to Its Internal Server
repadm option to list IDs for a Replication Agent process
Support c-treeACE quiesce state waiting for replication readers to process all committed transactions
Replication Agent redirection rules consider slash & backslash to be equivalent
Default Replication Agent conflict detection
Replication file filter list
Replication Agent function profiling
Replication administration utility (repadm) upgraded to latest statistics version
Local/master replication model diagnostic logging of errors during two-phase transaction commit
Interface Technology
Hibernate support adds a persistence layer to Java applications
c-treeACE SQL PHP 7 Support
c-treeACE Python
SQL support for Python V3.x
Python support expands beyond Windows and Linux
Cursor.rowcount now returns the number of returned rows from "select" before fetching
JDBC connection URL new format
JDBC support for TLS
JDBC tutorials updated to use the current URL format
ADO.NET Support for TLS
connectionidletimeout connection option for ADO.NET provider
ADO.NET Provider - Updated list of reserved words
ADO.NET tutorial projects upgraded to Framework 4.5
Direct SQL
DSQL no longer allows using ctsqlGetChar() to retrieve long variable columns
DSQL - New ctsqlGetParameterIndexByName function
DSQL partial support for scrollable cursors
c-treeACE setup error 126 during ODBC installation phase
Transport Layer Security Secures Data in Transit between Network c-treeACE Clients and Servers
Testing with default c-treeACE certificates
ADO.NET Support for TLS
JDBC support for TLS
ODBC support for SSL
OpenSSL headers for linking c-treeACE client applications
TLS/SSL tutorials
Data Integrity - Dynamic Dump & Restore
Improvements in Dynamic Dump immediate restore
Configurable file sync interval on dynamic dump
Dynamic Dump now stops when client callback function returns an error
Dynamic Dump status and error messages
Restore recovery options
TRAN_RECOVERY - Restore recovery diagnostic logging
Forward Roll - ctfdmp now creates directory
Advances in the Core Engine
c-treeACE Server
Transaction log limit for replication and deferred indexing
LOPN_ERR (96) - allow Automatic Recovery to continue
Reduced minimal index cache size requirements
CRITICAL_SECTION_SPIN - Configurable mutex spin for Unix/Linux
c-treeACE Server physical CPU counting method on AIX
Improved log message when PAGE_SIZE does not meet encryption block size requirements
Log additional detail on server shutdown
c-treeACE Server lock wait-for graph now uses less memory
Environment variable to enable c-tree advanced encryption
Support for commenting out an entire SUBSYSTEM block in ctsrvr.cfg
Check for out-of-range value of FILES configuration option
Server keyword to enable UNOD_ERR (51) diagnostic stack dump
Communications Layer
Shared Memory Protocol Change
Server broadcast feature enabled on all platforms
Index range support for virtual segment groups
Temporary Index RVHD_ERR (123)
Standalone FPUTFGET, index file open in exclusive mode
File Management
Enable ctCHECKLOCK for specified data files at runtime
NO_FIXED_OFFSET_CHECK - Prevent reads/writes to arbitrary offsets for fixed-length files
Preventing Possible Data Loss with Compact & Rebuild Operations
ADDREC DELFLG_ERR (31) following recovery
Relational c-treeACE SQL
SQL Sequences
SQL sequence support
Improvements to Sequence API operation involving active transactions
SQL Language
SQL - Create [if not exists] and Drop [if exists]
SQL - COUNT fix and new COUNT_BIG support
c-treeACE SQL Import
ctSQLImportTable options
ctsqlimp removed synonyms and grants on table removal
Ability to promote INT8U columns to NUMERIC
Improved scrollable cursor support
Escape field name matching reserved words in c-tree expressions
Stored procedure to retrieve SQL database version
High-Velocity c-treeACE APIs
c-treeDB - New ctdbAddRowIdSegment function
ctdbTimeMsecToString and ctdbStringToTimeMsec
c-treeDB new flags for CTDB_BINARY_FLAG
c-treeACE ISAM
OPNRFILX() modification
ctquiet options to support incremental backup restore points
FairCom.Isam.dll - Added ctVerifyFile API to isam.net.cs DLL
Checking if ctThrdInit() has been called
c-treeACE Low-Level
SYSCFG() cfgCFGCHK bit to indicate if advanced encryption is enabled
Extended c-treeACE Features
Multi-Record Type Updates
ctdbCreateMRTTable behavior change
SQL Drop Table on MRT Tables now removes physical file
ctdbGetRecordCount behavior on MRT Table modified
MRT Table support added to Java interfaces
Record update callback
ctRecordUpdateCallbackControl - Option to update all existing records
Automatic restore point logging
Restore point file name now includes log number
Option to specify external library name in platform-independent format
Conditional expression functions to convert Unix time_t fields to c-tree Date and Time types
Graphical Administrative Tools
GUI Tools now support SSL
GUI Tools now support IPv6
GUI tools now set the "Node Name" identification attribute
c-treeACE SQL Explorer (Windows Version)
List all users for non-DBA users
Scripting feature: PK retrieval Stored Procedure
Added scripting feature to Convert/Import
Dump rows when multi-line control has focus
Support for CT_TIME_MS and CT_TIMES_MS
Added "Max Rows" control to Scripts and Statements panels
Additional Improvements
c-treeACE ISAM Explorer Encoding Option
c-treeACE Explorer (Java Version)
c-treeACE Gauges (Windows Version)
c-treeACE Monitor
c-treeACE Query Builder
Dr. c-tree
c-treeACE Performance Monitor DLL changed
Server Manager store file is now interchangeable between Windows and Java
Administrative Utilities
ctstat Statistics Monitoring Utility
-I option
-isam header changed to avoid misunderstanding
-text run by non-ADMIN user account reports memory use of -1
-userinfo to output the user connection communication protocol
cttrnmod - Change Transaction Mode Utility
ctinfo - File Information Utility
ctfilblkif - File block utility
ctscmp - Superfile Compact Utility
dbdump, dbload Unicode support
dbload allows ";" after NEXT RECORD command in command file
ctdmpidx Index Dump Utility
Notable Compatibility Changes
Java Stored Procedure and Triggers require JDK V1.7 or newer
.NET stored procedure plugin updated for Visual Studio 2015 and 2017
Copyright Notice