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Introduction to ISQL

The FairCom DB Interactive SQL utility (ISQL) provides an industry-standard "command processing" interface to the FairCom DB Database Engine.

Operational Model: Client

FairCom offers two separate implementations of Interactive SQL:

  1. A command-line version (isql.exe or isql). This utility is designed as a command-line tool and can be placed in job streams.
  2. A GUI tool version within the Windows program FairCom DB SQL Explorer.

Either implementation allows you to issue SQL statements directly from a command prompt for immediate displayed results. You can use Interactive SQL to test and prototype SQL statements to be embedded in programs; modify an existing database; perform ad-hoc queries; and run existing SQL scripts.

With few exceptions, you can issue any SQL statement in ISQL that can be embedded in a program, including CREATE, SELECT, and GRANT statements.