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FairCom ISAM API for C

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Introduction to the FairCom Database ISAM API

The FairCom Database ISAM C API provides an advanced set of NoSQL functions for manipulating data and index files using FairCom's ISAM (Indexed Sequential Access Method). Each function performs multiple file and index access operations resulting in improved performance over the FairCom Low-Level API.

FairCom Database ISAM functions assume a hierarchical relationship among the data and index files, in the sense that each data file may have many indexes, while each index relates to only one data file. For example, an accounts payable system may define a vendor data file indexed by vendor name and number, and an invoice data file indexed by vendor number and invoice number. In this case, each data file has two indexes. Although each data file is indexed by vendor number, there is a separate vendor number index for each data file.

This API is included for developers with specialized needs and can provide extensive additional control over particular data handling needs, for example, real-time data capture and processing. If you are just starting with FairCom Database, we recommend the easy-to-use c-treeDB APIs as they reduce the amount of code you need to write and provide the same great performance for which c-tree is famous.

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