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The !FILES keyword is followed by names of files to include in the dynamic dump or rollback. This must be the next to last keyword in the script file and it takes no arguments.

Filenames must begin following the !FILES keyword line with one line for each file. File names should not be listed on the same line as the !FILES keyword. The !END keyword terminates the list of files on a single line.

We strongly suggest that FAIRCOM.FCS be included in your list.

Members of a superfile cannot be individually “dumped.” The entire superfile must be dumped; that is, the name of the host superfile, not a superfile member, is placed in the list of files.

The * and ? wildcards are supported.

See !RECURSE for other options.

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Wildcard Support for File Names

Dynamic dump backup and restore scripts specify the names of FairCom DB data and index files that are to be backed up or restored, delimited by the !FILES and !END script keywords. It is possible to specify filenames using the typical asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcard symbols. See FairCom DB Standard Wildcards.

In addition, the dynamic dump script keyword !RECURSE controls directory recursion when using wildcards. The !RECURSE keyword only applies when processing a !FILES entry containing a wildcard. Keep in mind that it is possible to specify standard file names and wildcard file names, one after the other, in the script. For example:








There are three parameters for the !RECURSE keyword:


Do not recurse subdirectories.


Recurse underlying directories (max depth 32).


File names and directory names must match.

In the case of MATCH_SUBDIR, not only does the file name require a match on the wildcard pattern, but only directory names which match the pattern will be considered for recursion.

The dynamic dump is specifically designed to address FairCom DB data and index files, including superfiles. Please keep in mind: it is possible for your wildcard representation to represent non-c-tree files (see Non-ctree Files Included in a Dynamic Dump (Back Up Non-ctree Files, Back Up Non-ctree Files)). The following definitions cause all files within the server’s LOCAL_DIRECTORY to be considered. If any non-ctree files are encountered, the dynamic dump rejects them and a message is written to the CTSTATUS.FCS file if the DIAGNOSTICS DYNDUMP_LOG keyword is active. A rejection does NOT cause the dump to terminate. It will proceed to the next file.



Please remember that the dynamic dump does not support individual superfile member names. Specify the host superfile name in the script to back up the members. Here are examples of wildcard names:

  • the pattern m*t matches mark.dat but does not match mark.dtx
  • the pattern *dat matches markdat and mark.dat
  • the pattern *.dat only matches mark.dat (not markdat)