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Back Up Non-ctree Files

Two alternative methods are available in the FairCom Server dynamic dump feature to allow ANY file to be backed up.

Specifying non-ctree Files

A dynamic dump script also supports listing specific files to be backed up as non-ctree files. If the !FILES list contains the !NONCTREEFILES keyword, all files following that keyword are treated as non c-tree files. Wildcard specifications are allowed. The !NONCTREEFILES keyword must appear after the !FILES keyword.

Non c-tree Files Dynamic Dump Script Example

!DUMP backup.dmp









Alternative Method

To include non c-tree files in a dynamic dump, use the dump keyword !COPY_NONCTREE. Any file included in the !FILES section of the FairCom Server dynamic dump script that receives error FUNK_ERR (13) or error READ_ERR (36) on c-tree open will be treated as a non c-tree file and copied directly to the dump stream base directory. More accurately, to the dump stream base directory plus any subdirectory included in the file’s name.

If the destination directory does not exist, the FairCom Server will attempt to create it. If this directory creation fails a FCPY_ERR (796) is reported.

Note: A check is not made that wildcard specifications in the c-tree/non-ctree file sections match the same filename. In this case, the c-tree file is included in the dump and then the non-ctree file is also copied.

Non-ctree File Keywords



Note: The !NONCTREEFILES script keyword does not require specifying the !COPY_NONCTREE option in the script.

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