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FairCom DB Files to NOT Include in a Backup

Certain c-tree housekeeping files should not be included in your dynamic dumps. When restoring dumps with these files in them, you may find you end up with DCRE_ERR (444) errors as these files collide with housekeeping files of the restore process itself. The following files should be excluded from your list of files to back up:

  • L*.FCS (Transaction Log files)
  • I*.FCS
  • S0000000.FCS (Transaction start file)
  • S0000001.FCS (Transaction start file)
  • D*.FCS

WARNING: Don't use *.FCS in your file list.


FAIRCOM.FCS - Maintains user and group security information. ALWAYS back up this file.

SEQUENCEDT.FCS - Sequence number pool and index. If using the sequence number feature this file is a must to back up.


SYSLOGDT.FCS - System logs. If using this feature, consider backing up this file.