FairCom Database Backup Guide

Database Backup Guide
Scheduling a Database Backup
ctdump - Schedule Backup Utility
Backup Script Options
Backup Script File
!DATE <mm/dd/yyyy>
!DAY <day of week>
!DELAY <seconds>
!DUMP <dump file>
!EXT_SIZE <bytes | NO>
Wildcard Support for File Names
FairCom DB Files to NOT Include in a Backup
!FREQ <hours>
!TIME <hh:mm:ss>
FairCom DB Files to Include for a Successful Backup Strategy
FairCom DB Files to NOT Include in a Backup
Defer Backup I/O for Improved Performance
Back Up Non-ctree Files
Back Up Files Without Transaction Control
Automatically Restore Backup for Ready-to-Use Files
Backup as Multiple Extent Files
Back Up as Segmented Files
Mirrored File Backups
Backup Progress Messages Displayed in Function Monitor
Mask Routine Backup Messages in CTSTATUS.FCS
Killing a Running Backup
Database Backup
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