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The preferred way to supply FairCom Server with the name of a directory path for processing files without absolute names. Absolute names include a specific volume or drive reference as part of the name, for example, d:\fairserv\data\. The trailing slash is required.

Note: The other method, the SERVER_DIRECTORY configuration option, has been deprecated. LOCAL_DIRECTORY is the preferred keyword to allow the server to store data and files in an alternative location.

If a LOCAL_DIRECTORY name is defined in the configuration script, the name will be attached to the beginning of any file name that is not absolute. If neither LOCAL_DIRECTORY nor SERVER_DIRECTORY is supplied, database and system files are stored relative to the FairCom Server working directory. LOCAL_DIRECTORY and SERVER_DIRECTORY cannot be used together.

This configuration option can include an environment variable name that will be substituted with its value when the configuration file is read.

Note: The LOCAL_DIRECTORY does not become a permanent part of the file name. The name entered into the transaction log does not include the LOCAL_DIRECTORY.

Default: The directory where the FairCom Server process resides.