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FairCom DB Database Engine

The FairCom DB Server provides a flexible, high performance implementation of the FairCom DB index and data file functions for multi-tasking and network systems. The clean separation between the Server and the implementation-dependent message handling allows implementation of the FairCom DB Server in different environments by changing only the message routines in the client-side library.

FairCom DB Servers are licensed separately for development and production. The developer license activates the FairCom DB Server with eight connections for development purposes only. When the application is fully developed, tested, and ready for distribution into commercial service, a production FairCom DB Server license is required for each Server host machine, typically one per network.

The FairCom DB Server is licensed on a concurrent connection basis. Each connection to the FairCom DB Server counts against the total until the connection is closed. A client establishes a connection with every successful FairCom DB initialization call, with multi-threaded application potentially establishing many connections.

Additional information is located in the FairCom DB Server Administrator’s Guide, including installation information.

In This Chapter

Server Advantages

FairCom Client/Server Communication

Calculating Memory Usage

Controlling Server Memory

Calculating File Storage Space

Copying Server-Controlled Files

Copy Files Between FairCom DB Servers

Multiple Server Support per Client

Local Library Support

Server Utilities


FairCom DB Server Cache Subsystem

File Modes

Deployment Options

Server System Event Log

Create a List of Arbitrary Names in Server Configuration File

Server Internals

Diagnostic Tools