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File Security and Encryption

Any time multiple users access a database concerns with file security arise. This is particularly important when you have programs that allow easy access to the database. You must be able to prevent unauthorized access to restricted files, you may want to limit who can add or change records in the database, and it might be important to control who can delete files. The FairCom Server supports several complementary forms of system security: user passwords, file permissions, file passwords and data encryption. Careful use of these features provides complete control over who can access a particular file, and what that user can do with the file once it has been accessed.

Note: FairCom DB File and User Security are available only when using the client/server operational model.

It is important to note that file security is a function of access via the FairCom Server, therefore access by non FairCom DB programs may not be limited in many operating environments.

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Accessing File Security

Forms of System Security

User Profile

Logon Control Options

Advanced File Encryption

Data Camouflage

TCP/IP Camouflage (Deprecated)