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Installing FairCom Products


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Installing and getting started with the FairCom Server, the "Advanced Core Engine" beneath the FairCom database technology


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This book will help you install and set up the FairCom Server, also called the FairCom Database Engine or the "Advanced Core Engine" (ACE). This engine is used by all of the FairCom products, FairCom DB, FairCom Edge, and c-treeRTG.

The book consists of these main sections:

Quick Installation - This section is intended to get you started so you can experiment with the tutorials. It also includes useful information such as starting and stopping the FairCom Server.

Advanced Installation - This section provides detailed information about installation, configuration, etc. It is intended for administrators and developers who need to accommodate a complex production environment.

System Requirements - If you have questions about hardware and software requirements, you will find detailed information in this section.

Additional Setup Information - This section contains more specialized information.

If you are updating an existing FairCom installation, see Upgrading from Previous Editions.

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