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JPA and Hibernate Persistence APIs

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FairCom JPA and Hibernate Persistence APIs - Developers Guide

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JPA and Hibernate Persistence APIs




Using the FairCom JPA and Hibernate Java APIs to add persistence with the FairCom Database Engine


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 FairCom offers two APIs that simplify adding persistence to Java applications that are built on Hibernate or JPA:

  • FairCom DB SQL Hibernate - Replaces the Hibernate layer in your Java application to provide access to FairCom DB SQL with little-to-no recoding of applications.
  • c-treeDB JPA - A Java persistence layer based on the FairCom c-treeDB database for higher performance than SQL-based persistence.

If your Java application is built on the Hibernate or JPA standard, changing it to use the high-performance FairCom Database Engine is a simple matter of replacing the existing persistence layer with Faircom equivalent. It is likely that you will not need to alter the logic in your application.

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In addition to these APIs, FairCom also offers Java interfaces that developers can exploit when programming a new application:

  • FairCom DB JDBC - Developers familiar with the JDBC standard can add access to the FairCom DB SQL using this API.
  • c-treeDB Java - Developers who require the utmost performance can use JTDB to add non-relational access to c-treeDB using this API.