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FairCom Hibernate SQL for Java

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Introduction to the FairCom SQL Hibernate Dialect

The Hibernate driver for c-treeSQL allows Java developers to use Hibernate to access the c-treeSQL Relational Database Engine.

(Please note that for the purposes of this tutorial we will be using the word driver and dialect interchangeably.)

The FairCom DB SQL dialect of the Hibernate Java Persistence API provides Java developers a way to persist data using the FairCom Database Engine by simply replacing the Hibernate layer with the FairCom Hibernate dialect.

The FairCom DB dialect for Hibernate allows FairCom DB to be used in Java applications by simply using the same techniques documented on the Hibernate website. If you have a Java application that is currently using Hibernate, simply follow the instructions in this document to set up the FairCom DB Hibernate dialect and you are ready to begin using the FairCom DB database.

The configuration files, entity classes, DAO classes, the hbm.xml mapping file, etc. are expected to work exactly the same as any other generic Hibernate application.

Note: This document explains how to set up the FairCom Hibernate dialect. It does not explain how to create a Java application that uses Hibernate. To learn those programming techniques, see the Hibernate website or any of the many books written on this subject.

The Hibernate driver uses the JDBC SQL API to communicate with the c-treeSQL server. FairCom also provides a JPA driver that uses the navigational API: c-treeDB JPA