c-treeACE V10.0 Release Notes

V10.0 Release Notes
Critical Production Updates
Corrective Checkpoint Logic for Buffer/Cache Pages Missing from Update Lists
Ensure Proper Mutex Control When Adding Buffers to Commit List
Prevent Overlapping Checkpoints
Corrected Dynamic Dump File Extensions for Non-TRANPROC Files
Correct Initialization of c-treeACE SQL Pointers
Corrected c-treeACE SQL References in an ORDER BY Clause
Corrected c-treeACE SQL Conditional Expression Buffer Length Exception
Notable Compatibility Changes
Latest Java Version Requirement
SERVER_DIRECTORY Configuration Option Deprecated
Switch to Sbyte for TINYINT Signed Values in ADO.NET Data Provider
Mapping of c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET Data Provider Time Fields
Conditional Index Expression Changes
Revised Integer Comparisons in Expression Parser
Corrected CVAL_ERR on Partial Record Reads
NULL Handling in Filter Expressions
TCtDataSet Fields Property Type Has Changed in c-treeACE VCL
V9.1 Client/Server Compatibility
Rollback and Commit Support in c-treeACE ADO.NET Data Provider
c-treeACE Fixes
Corrected Inappropriate DAR RBUF_ERR on File Opens
Faster Server Shutdown with Large Memory Allocations
Enhanced Windows Service Shutdown Operations
Corrected Ability to Kill Dynamic Dump Threads
Deferred Transaction File Number Assignment
c-treeACE now Skips Duplicate SetNodeName Transaction Log Entries for Faster Performance
Permit Shared Reopen After a Transaction Controlled Header is Updated
Allow Automatic Recovery of Uncommitted TRANDEP Files
Correct Transaction Log Encryption Incompatibility
PRIME_CACHE and PRIME_INDEX Configuration Options Parsing Corrected
Resolved Filter Callback Function 160 Errors
Corrected Hangs with Data Filter Callbacks
Resolved c-treeACE Unhandled Exception from Failed Filter Callback Library Loading
Persistent Transaction Lock State now Ignored for Unlock Requests Outside Transactions
Correct Free of All Locks with Persistent Transaction Locks Mode
Removed Savepoint COUNT Limitation
Improved Use of Thread Safe Calls
Corrected Data Length of CTUSER() Custom Output Data
Correct Resource Updates at EOF
Corrected Shared Memory Client Hang on Windows
Corrected Automatic Recovery of Files with TRANDEP Renames / Deletes
Partitioned File Fixes
Reinitialize Arrays to Prevent Unhandled Exceptions When Opening Partitions
ALTER TABLE now Disables Transaction Support for Partition Files
Delete all Partitions When Deleting the Partition Host File
Improved Internal Error Checking on Partitioned File Opens
Drop of non-Partition Index Files for Partitioned Tables in c-treeACE SQL
Corrected Record Return for Range Retrieval Expressions on Partitioned Files
Correct File Modes Applied to Partioned Files During ALTER TABLE
Complete Record Retrieval with Non-Contiguous Ranges on Partitioned Files
Provide Connected User List for Partition Administration Exceptions
Correct Index Name Reported for Duplicate Key Errors on Partitioned File Global Unique Indexes
Correct Rebuild of Covering Indexes for Partitioned Files
Correct Transaction Logging of Partitioned File Serial Segment Entries
Corrected Unhandled Exception in Partitioned File Search Routine
Diagnostic Logging of PCRP_ERR (724) and KLNK_ERR (25) Errors
Improved Partition Purging
Prevent c-treeACE SQL c-treeDB Internal Errors From Reused Partitioned Members
Retain Purged Partitioned Member Information of Reused Partitions
Improved c-treeACE SQL Index Choice for ANL or Sort Based on Cardinality
Correct Unhandled Exception When Accessing Partitioned File Before Partition Members Have Been Created
c-treeACE SQL Fixes
Corrected c-treeACE SQL Memory Leaks
Additional Diagnostic Logging of SQL Errors
Correct Results from Nested TOP Queries and ORDER BY Clause
Consistent Results Using '+' as String Concatenation Operator
Proper View Column Names
c-treeACE SQL Java Runtime Engine Handling of Stored Procedure JAR
Proper c-treeACE SQL User Defined Function Exception Handling
Improved Checks on Security Calls for Index Members to Avoid WRITE_ERR
Correct c-treeACE SQL PHP Handling for Queries Returning No Result Sets
Corrected Scale Value for c-treeACE SQL MONEY Types
Avoid c-treeACE SQL Exception on Modified Imported Tables
c-treeACE SQL Default Value Usage Corrected for BIT Columns
Retrieval of LONG VARBINARY Fields with c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET Data Provider
Reduced c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET Buffer Allocations Avoid .NET LOH
Improved LONG Column Support
Query with Left Outer Join Returns Wrong Rows
Correct SQL OR Clause Handling with Outer Joins and Nullable Columns
Corrected VARCHAR String Handling for Empty Strings
Proper Authorization When Using Table Alias
64-bit c-treeACE SQL ODBC Driver Corrections
c-treeACE SQL TOP Sort Optimization
Improved Query Times with Multiple Operator Support in ANL Joins
c-treeACE SQL Query Timeout Now Resets to Zero
c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET Provider Now Closes Thread for ThreadAbortException
c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET ExecuteScalar() Altered to Close the Reader
c-treeDB Internal Error Diagnostics
c-treeACE SQL OR Optimization Enhancement
Prevent Tuple ID Not Found Messages for Valid Result Sets
Corrected Unhandled Exception in Execution Plan Output
Corrected Unhandled Exception with c-treeACE SQL Connection Monitoring
Corrected Memory Leak with DH_REBUILD_SEL_CUTOFF
Improvements for Certain Long-Running Queries
Invalid String Error Resolved When Specifying Selectivity Option
Optimize c-treeACE SQL Left Outer Joins to Inner Joins When Applicable
Replication Fixes
Correct Replication Agent Exception Handling with Failed File Opens
Lock Restoration when Local Record Reads Fail
Corrected Client Hangs on Local Server Updates
Prevent READ_ERR during Replication Log Reads
Tool Fixes
Corrected Display of LONG VARBINARY Fields in c-treeACE SQL Explorer
IF_EXIST Syntax Handling in c-treeACE SQL Explorer
Corrected c-treeACE SQL ISQL Script Handling Parameters
Updates to ctunf1 File Format Conversion Utility Corrected Byte Reversal of Extended Headers
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