c-treeACE V10.3 Update Guide

Highlights of c-treeACE 10.3
Documentation Updates
Performance: Faster than Ever
Performance Gains
Improved scalability with distributed data and index cache counters
Add Unique Key First file mode
Skip the backup of Non-Transaction and Pre-image Files
Improvements under the hood
c-treeACE SQL large query improvements
Reduced index node contention
Improved c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET Provider fetch performance
c-treeACE SQL on big-endian systems considers index for backward scan
Field Callbacks improve c-treeACE SQL Types SDK performance
Improved performance of physical order batch reads with no locking
Improved performance at Transaction Commit
Reduced contention of synchronization objects with Slim Reader/Writer Locks
Key buffer optimization for non-partition key search when Partition File support is in use
Optimized c-treeDB field structure information retrieval performance
ISAM performance enhancement
Improved c-treeACE SQL numeric read performance
Improved c-treeACE SQL performance for queries containing both Group By and Order By clauses
c-treeACE SQL optimization for non-contiguous ranges
New and Improved
Run Length Encoding (RLE) compression option
Dynamically load zlib
Compressing/un-compressing existing data
Shared Memory
Shared Memory protocol for SQL connections on AIX, Linux, and Solaris
Shared Memory for c-treeACE SQL ADO.NET provider connections
Shared Memory for JDBC
Faster client detection of lost Unix Shared Memory connections
Improved Shared Memory connect performance on AIX
Additional information logged to CTSTATUS.FCS for failed Shared Memory connection attempts on Windows
Batch Updates
New batch update mode BAT_UPD_KEPSRL preserves serial number in existing record
Batch Update Operations: BAT_UPD and BAT_UPD_KEY
Heterogeneous Support for BAT_INS and BAT_UPD
Keyword defaults based on available CPUs and CPU license limit
Configuration Flexibility with Environment Variables
License file name can be set with environment variable
Backup Defer Interval for Improved Performance
Forward Roll Path Redirection
Logging and Information
Full version and build date available to clients
Enhanced audit capability logs IP addresses for all connections in lock dump log on Windows
Error codes adjusted for uniqueness
Automatic Recovery diagnostic logging option
Improvements in space reclamation in data records
Increased default maximum number of segments per key
Enable Windows service pre-shutdown timeout
Locking table allows different behavior per-file, per-connection
File rebuild memory limit - File memory usage keyword for rebuild memory usage
Database Copy with Virtual Tables and improved performance
Greater user connection control
Replication Agent Updates
Batch insert operations in BAT_RET_BLK mode now supported
Replication Agent - Improved counting of failed operations
Log more descriptive error message
Starting at source server's current log position
c-treeACE Replication Monitor - New tool for the Replication Agent
c-treeACE SQL
Temporary memory subsystem improved
Removed c-treeACE SQL statement size limitation
Encryption of c-treeACE SQL system tables
Configurable c-treeACE SQL server connection timeout
Built-in procedure now returns full version information
Remove c-treeACE SQL database on failed database copy
c-treeACE SQL shutdown when Callback Library loading fails
Interface Technology Additions
Table file names of the form *.XXX.XXX
.NET Tools for VS2010 - All projects updated to use .NET Framework v4.0
.NET - Removed STRONGSIGN from assemblies
.NET - New SetEncryption method for FairCom.Isam API
FairCom.CtreeDB.dll - New GetRecordBuffer(Byte buffer) method
c-treeDB C++
c-treeDB .NET API
c-treeDB .NET API
c-treeDB Java
Java helper library updated
Improved message to indicate incorrect JTCB JNI DLL found
Reduced thread contention with c-treeDB for Java (JTDB)
SQL Interfaces
PHP - Query timeout support
Python updated to use cDecimal Class and new ctsqlapi functions
Python improved performance on numeric column retrieval
Python Cursor.rowcount returns number of fetched rows
Direct SQL - New numeric conversion functions
Direct SQL - ctsqlClearError function
Support for uTFRMKEY in client library
GUI Tools
Cross-platform Java tools
.NET GUI tools
c-treeACE SQL Explorer - Avoid UPDATE on unchanged columns
c-treeACE SQL Explorer - Export schema enhancement
c-treeACE SQL Explorer - Statements page shows column types
c-treeACE SQL Explorer - Support for breakpoints on scripts
c-treeACE SQL Explorer and c-treeACE Monitor Servers Manager
c-treeACE ISAM Explorer - RawMode enabled on all tables
c-treeACE ISAM Explorer - Option for max characters in columns
c-treeACE ISAM Explorer - Replication tab removed
c-treeACE Gauges - AutoLogin and RememberPassword
c-treeACE Gauges - Expanded range
c-treeACE Status Log Analyzer - Added drag & drop support
c-treeACE ErrorViewer - Updated error file
Improved Windows ompliance
Command-Line Utilities
ctstat - c-treeACE Statistics Utility
ctstat: List file and user lock information
ctstat -filelocks file [key] - Wildcards displaying record locks by file
ctquiet - Unix option to avoid disconnect
ctsqlimp - c-treeACE SQL Import Utility
ctsqlimp -B switch grants public read-only access to linked tables
ctsqlimp Check for Max Number of Indexes/Segments
ctadmn - c-treeACE Administration Utility
ctadmn utility checks for active transactions before quiescing FairCom Server
ctadmn user listing for rtexecute thread running report launched by RTSCRIPT
Changes to ctrbldif, ctcmpcif, and ctinfo
ctrbldif - c-treeACE Rebuild Utility
Option to set index's automatic segment attributes
Updates in ctrbldif, ctcmpcif, and ctinfo handling of security attributes
ctinfo - c-treeACE Information Utility
ctinfo -isam option added
ctdmpidx - c-treeACE Dump Index Utility
ctdmpidx option to list all key values in index
ctldmp - c-treeACE Dump Utility
ctldmp option to create transaction start files from checkpoints in transaction log files
ctmtap - c-treeACE Utility
ctmtap - Command-line options for user name and password
cttctx - c-treeACE Utility
cttctx locking options for record read
dbdump - c-treeACE Dump Utility
dbdump speed enhanced using batch operations
dbdump -p query passthru support
Notable Compatibility Changes
File rebuild memory limit - File memory usage keyword for rebuild memory usage
Suppress logging File Delete Error for I0000000.FCS during startup
ODBC SQLColAttributes renamed
ctOpenSequence() returns NO_ERROR when specified sequence does not exist
ctSETENCRYPT - Passing a NULL to disable encryption
Rebuild Fails with Error 484 (Could Not Open Sort Work File)
Treat fixed-length compressed data files consistently across batch record returns, inserts, and updates
Unix Shared Memory Protocol Not Freeing Shared Memory Segments (different client and server user accounts)
Error codes adjusted for uniqueness
c-treeACE SQL option to force previous $DELFLD$ size
c-treeACE SQL shutdown when Callback Library loading fails
ctrbldif, ctcmpcif, and ctinfo - Updates to handling of security attributes
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