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FairCom SQL for PHP




SQL access to the FairCom DB database for PHP applications, including PDO support


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Today’s progressive business environments demand online availability. The method of choice is via the web and PHP has become the language of choice for dynamic web scripting.

PHP (Hypertext PreProcessor) is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML. FairCom DB SQL is a powerful database technology offering a wide range of interfaces now including PHP support. FairCom’s FairCom DB PHP module extends your data access to the world through this popular web interface.

FairCom DB PHP Interface technology gives the means to access data from FairCom DB SQL.

c-treePHP Diagram

FairCom DB PHP modules can be installed with either Apache or Microsoft IIS (Windows) web servers.

Accessing FairCom DB from PHP

The FairCom DB package provides two types FairCom DB PHP drivers, each in its own directory:

drivers\php.sql.pdo - This is the preferred way to access FairCom DB from PHP

  • These drivers support PHP 7 using the PDO (PHP Data Object) extension.
  • See FairCom DB PHP PDO for documentation.

drivers\php.sql - This is provided for PHP 5

  • These drivers support PHP 5.
  • Instructions are provided for using the FairCom DB ODBC interface to connect to later versions of PHP (PHP 4, PHP 5, and PHP 7).
  • See FairCom DB PHP for documentation.

Documentation about the FairCom SQL and NAV APIs can be found in FairCom API ReadMe's.