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c-treeACE® Professional is the complete environment for developing applications using the sophisticated c-treeACE Advanced Core Engine. Written in the C language, the c-treeACE file-management product integrates with your C/C++ application programs to provide easy to use, yet flexible data file manipulation and indexing. c-treeACE is designed to be used in a variety of operating system environments.

The significant features of c-treeACE are:

  • fast file access via indices using the most advanced B+ tree techniques, enhanced by our proprietary caching and compression algorithms;
  • programs can be portable over a wide variety of operating systems;
  • both single-user and multi-user file access, with full file and record locking control that often exceeds the capabilities provided by the operating environment;
  • superior performance on network and multi-user systems using the multi-threaded c-treeACE approach to file management - a powerful client/server approach to data management;
  • advanced Transaction Processing and fully automatic recovery, including full commit and rollback, intermediate savepoints, and complete logging; file security to prevent unauthorized access to your data files and indices;

This guide serves both as an introduction to c-treeACE for the new user and as a reference guide for the experienced user.

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