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!DELAY <seconds>

Number of seconds to wait until aborting active transactions.

If zero, the FairCom Server will not abort active transactions. The dump waits indefinitely until all active transactions have completed and no new transactions will be permitted to begin.

If the delay value is greater than zero, the FairCom Server waits until either the delay has expired or all active transactions have completed. At this point, it begins the dynamic dump and permits new transactions to start up. If all transactions have not completed, the FairCom Server aborts those transactions still in progress, with one of two error messages:

  • TABN_ERR (78), indicates the transaction has been abandoned.
  • SGON_ERR (162), a generic error indicating a break in communication between the FairCom Server and the application.

Note: The default behavior is to wait for all pending transactions to complete. This may cause a timeout status (156 NTIM_ERR) to be logged to inform the DBA of this unexpected situation. That error does not imply anything about the dump, other than it waited for transaction to complete. If the DBA prefers to abort all pending transactions and start the dynamic dump immediately, the !DELAY script option can be used to abort the pending transactions after the specified number of seconds.

Option for Abandoning Dump

When the Dynamic Dump begins, by default it prevents new transactions from beginning and waits indefinitely for open transactions to complete. Once no transactions are active, a dump checkpoint is created, the dump creation begins, and transactions are allowed to resume. If the dump script option !DELAY <N> is specified, the Dynamic Dump waits up to N seconds for active transactions to complete before terminating them. This revision allows !DELAY <N> with N < 0 to cause the dump be abandoned with error DUMP_ABANDONED_ERR (1162) if active transactions still remain after |N| seconds.