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Allows volume-specific disk full checks. DISK_FULL_VOLUME takes as its argument a concatenated volume name and limit. A path separator must occur between the volume name and the threshold limit, which may be zero.

In Unix this is in the form /name/<limit>. The following example places a disk full threshold of one million bytes on the volume /home:

DISK_FULL_VOLUME /home/1000000

For Windows, the form of the argument is <DRIVE>:\<limit>. The following example places a 1MB threshold on drive E:


Note: When the disk is full the FairCom DB files cannot be extended. The c-tree operations that attempt to add or update data in a file and require the files to be extended will fail with specific errors. This diagnostic keyword is used to put supplemental information in the status file and alert the user.

Default: Off

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