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FairCom DB Configuration Options

FairCom DB is extremely flexible and can be configured for nearly any environment.

Particularly common configurations include security controls, memory usage, performance options and transaction log management. File control options such as memory files, encryption and compression can also be centrally managed.

This flexibility comes with great responsibility. It is important end-user installations exactly follow application vendor recommendations for maintained performance and reliability. It is never advised to change production server settings without first confirming desired results in development settings. Catastrophic data loss can result from a mis-configured FairCom Server.

The keyword descriptions that follow use the nomenclature format in this table:

< input value >

An input value for the keyword. Replace with the value desired. For example, COMMIT_DELAY <milliseconds> would be put in the configuration file as COMMIT_DELAY 10 to delay 10 milliseconds.

< value1 | value2 >

The | character indicates that either value1 or value2 can be used as described above, but not both together. For example, ADMIN_ENCRYPT <YES | NO> can be entered as either ADMIN_ENCRYPT YES or ADMIN_ENCRYPT NO.

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