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If YES, the client number, function number, function name, and file name are displayed in a scrolling fashion on the FairCom DB Server console screen. Alternatively, the same information, along with the return value and error codes for each function, can be routed to a file by specifying a file name. This keyword should be used primarily for debugging since this feature consumes additional overhead.

Note: Activate the function monitor dynamically under the FairCom DB Server for Windows by selecting View > Function Monitor Window.

Default: NO


FUNCTION_MONITOR can be enabled without restarting the server using the ctadmn command-line tool as follows:

  1. Start the ctadmn tool and connect to the server.
  2. Select the following from the menu:

    10 "Change Server Settings"

  3. Select the following from the next menu:

    1 "Configure function monitor"

  4. Enter fmon.log at the prompt:

    Enter the new function monitor value.
    Allowed values are: YES or NO or filename

Function monitor information will be written to the FairCom DB process working directory in a text file named fmon.log.

When you are done, be sure to shut off function monitoring: Repeat the steps above, but disable function monitoring by entering NO in the final step.