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Sample Programs

Before running the sample programs, be sure that the parameter files supplied with c‑tree (ctexam.p, ctvxam.p, isam.p) are in the same directory as the executable sample programs. Otherwise, the samples requiring a parameter file report error INOD_ERR (102, could not open parameter file).

If you disable r-tree support, by changing #define RTREE to #define NO_RTREE in ctoptn.h, remove the symbolic names at the end of each data and index line in the parameter files.

On systems that enforce double word alignment for long integers, such as Unix 386, add 2 to each of the key segment offsets in the ctexam.p parameter file.

The sample programs use the same command line format as described in FairCom DB Utility Programs.

In This Section

ctcnfg - System Configuration Example

ctcompare - Database Comparison Tool

ctixmg - Incremental ISAM / Resource sample

ctlxmg - LOCLIB sample program

ctmtap - Multi-threaded API sample and performance tester

ctmtex - Multi-threaded Incremental ISAM / Resource sample

ctstap - Single-Threaded Version of Multi-Threaded Test

ctstress - Perform Record Operations on Files

ctsxmg - Incremental ISAM / Record Schema example

cttpca - TPC A Test

ct_tpc - TPC A Test

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