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ctlxmg - LOCLIB sample program


ctlxmg <UserId> <UserPassword> [<ServerName>]


  • UserId - If connecting to a Server, provide a valid User ID, or leave blank to use the default User ID of “guest”. To connect to a local library, leave blank.
  • UserPassword - If UserID has been specified, provide the proper password or leave blank.
  • ServerName (Optional) - Specify the Server name. Be sure to include the Server’s host machine name. For example, to connect to the c-tree HP9000 Server with a host file entry of “HP”, use the following name: “FAIRCOMS@HP”. This name assumes the SERVER_NAME keyword has not been specified in the ctsrvr.cfg file, and that the FairCom Server is using the default name. When connecting to a local library, provide a unique arbitrary name for this local library instance.


ctlxmg, based on ctixmg, uses the FairCom DB instance functions to maintain multiple FairCom DB instances. ctlxmg provides a good example of the ‘multiple Server per client support’ and the ‘local library support’. If no parameters are given, ctlxmg prompts the user for the following information:

Important Points

  • The use of FairCom DB instance functions: RegisterCtree(), SwitchCtree(), NextCtree(), UnRegisterCtree(), and WhichCtree().
  • The userprf argument to the FairCom DB function InitISAMXtd() must include the USERPRF_LOCLIB option for a local connection.