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ctixmg - Incremental ISAM / Resource sample

Operational Model:

  • Client


ctixmg [<UserID> <UserPassWord> <ServerName>]


ctixmg supports variable-length data records using Incremental ISAM structures to specify the file parameters for creation and optionally supports resources. If RESOURCES are defined in ctoptn.h prior to opening the files the proper resource open, OpenFileWithResource(), and close, CloseRFile(), functions are used. If RESOURCES are not defined, then OpenIFileXtd() and CloseIFile() are used to open and close the files. The optional UserId, UserPassWord and ServerName parameters only apply to FairCom Server based systems.

ctixmg automatically creates the files it needs if they do not exist. It rebuilds the files if they appear corrupt. In transaction processing environments, automatic recovery replaces the need for rebuilding the files.

ctixmg runs in all FairCom DB console-based models. ctixmg permits transaction processing control including Begin(), and Commit(). In a non-transaction processing system, Begin() and Commit() are replaced by LockISAM() to control ISAM level locking.