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ctmtap - Multi-threaded API sample and performance tester


ctmtap [a <action>] [g <aborts>] [m <transaction mode>]

[n <iterations>] [r <seed>] [s <server name>]

[t <threads>] [x <ctmaxparm>]


The additional parameters below are supported by ctmtap:

  • g <aborts>

    Approximate quantity of transactions to be aborted; for example, a value of 2 implies that about 20% of the transactions will be aborted; defaults to 1, 10% aborted transactions.

  • s <server name>

    Specifies the name of FairCom Server and defaults to “FAIRCOMS”.

  • t <#>

    Number of threads; defaults to 1

  • x <ctmaxparm>

    Specifies the maximum number of open files and defaults to value of MAXFIL.


This sample program demonstrates FairCom’s Multi-thread API. The main routine runs a trial of database operations; however, this application spawns one or more threads, each of which runs a trial. ctmtap divides the screen into columns, with the output from each thread placed in its own column. If you specify more than 8 threads, only the output from the first eight threads will be shown. This limit is for on-screen clarity and can be changed by editing the #define for MAX_COLS in ctmtap.c. Regardless of the value of MAX_COLS, all threads will be running, but output will be shown for only MAX_COLS threads.

ctmtap is designed for the FairCom Server and FairCom’s multi-threaded stand-alone model. Upon execution, this program will prompt you for the desired operation.

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